At Holy Cross, Dr. DiCenso teaches a number of courses, including courses on Gregorian chant, Medieval music, the history of Western music, popular music, hip-hop and rock.  As the first Holy Cross graduate to have won a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, he also enjoys working with the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies in order to encourage more Holy Cross students to apply for fellowships to fund graduate study, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Courses Taught at Holy Cross

  • Introduction to Music, MUSC-101
  • Fundamentals of Music, MUSC-103
  • History of Rock, MUSC-145
  • African American Music: From Blues to Rap, MUSC-195
  • History of Western Music  1 (Medieval to 1750), MUSC-211
  • History of Western Music 2 (Classical to 20th Century), MUSC-212
  • Gregorian Chant, MUSC-299
  • Chant as Popular Music, MUSC-399 (upper-level seminar)
  • Popular Music and the Academy, MUSC-399 (upper-level seminar)
  • Popular Music and the Construction of the Self (first-year seminar)
  • Hip-Hop and the Politics of Self-Expression (first-year seminar)

Tutorials at Holy Cross

  • Advanced Topics in Popular Music, MUSC-325
  • Survey of Opera, MUSC-325
  • Ethical Issues in Music Production, MUSC-325
  • Beethoven and the Fugue (co-directed with J. Waldoff), MUSC-325

Supervision at Cambridge

  • Introduction to Western Plainchant (IA/6)
  • Tonal Analysis 1700-1830 (IA/5)
  • Advisor: Music Education 1968-1982: The Debate over Creative Music
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